Why is RFID recognition considered superior to other manual processes and technologies?

Why is RFID recognition considered superior to other manual processes and technologies?

  • 2019-04-11

Why is RFID recognition considered superior to other manual processes and technologies? 


RFID technology is more advanced than manual processes or other technologies depending on the specific application environment you are using.For example, the main benefit of using RFID as a payment system is that you can process more transactions in less time, reducing bottlenecks at toll stations, point of sale, and gas pumps. 

On the other hand, the advantages of using RFID to track cylinders, in addition to identifying the speed of these cylinders, are the fact that RFID transponders work in harsh environments and bar codes and other labels may fall off in harsh environments, such as in snow or mud. Covered in harsh environments.


Here are some general advantages of RFID over manual processes and other technologies.


1. RFID is an automatic identification technology

Barcodes require manual manual scanning, and RFID systems can automatically collect information.If you receive a box with 30 books, you need to open the box, count them one by one, or scan the barcode on each book to determine the number of items, but with RFID, you can know the box where the goods in the situation  in seconds.


2. RFID is an application technology

RFID allows users to build a wide variety of applications that go well beyond data collection. For instance, museums have enhanced the visitor experience by having a tag read whenever a visitor approaches an item, triggering visual or audio information. And retailers have deployed mirrors with built-in RFID readers and a touch screen. When a customer tries on an item in front of the mirror, the tag is read and information is displayed. The customer can then touch the screen to view other colors and styles, as well as accessories, thereby enabling retailers to cross-sell without requiring a salesperson.

3. There is no mistake in RFID.

Bar codes require people to scan them, and people often forget to do so, or scan the wrong bar code. As a result, IT systems frequently have bad information in them. When RFID solutions are properly deployed, they are often highly accurate, which means the data stored in an inventory-management, warehouse-management or other system is accurate and can be trusted. This leads to better business decisions.


These are the big-picture, generic benefits of radio frequency identification. For every particular application, RFID has specific advantages over other technologies and manual processes. It should be noted, however, that RFID does have disadvantages for some applications. For instance, RFID is a relatively short-range technology, and would thus not work for tracking a ship at sea, for instance, or a truck on an open highway. GPS would be the right technology choice for such applications.


If you have a specific application you are looking into, I would be happy to offer my thoughts regarding RFID's strengths and weaknesses for that specific scenario.


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