The latest product--New Android Long Range Handheld Reader

The latest product--New Android Long Range Handheld Reader

  • 2020-10-16

RFID handheld terminal, lightweight and stylish, industrial design, suitable for mobile occasions.

It has RFID read and write function.Using radio frequency identification technology for data collection, RFID electronic tags can be read.

Since 2009, Shenzhen Hopeland Technologies Co., Ltd. are specialized in developing, researching and manufacturing series of UHF RFID readers, handheld terminals, Antennas , special type Tags, Middleware, system software, etc. Wing 820 is our new android long range handheld reader,which is a handheld terminal with stable performance and full functions. Has the following advantages

Android Industrial 12m long reading handheld Wing 820

  • It’s Android 8.1 OS,it’s open source Android software development,which is easy to provide customized applications. Enabling users to deploy manageable RFID solutions for Production industry,supply chain, and asset management applications.
  • Impinj R2000 chip, multi-tag scanning rate is faster, scanning up to 600 tags per second, to achieve more accurate and faster data collection
  • Octa-core 2.3GHz CPU, running Android apps faster.Have super fast data running speed
  • The 10,000mAh battery has strong endurance and can work for more than eight hours.
  • Support the reading and writing of electronic tags in accordance with ISO/IEC 18000-6B, ISO/IEC18000-6C / EPC C1G2 protocol.
  • Industrial-grade appearance design, IP65 protection level, passed the 1.2-meter drop test, can adapt to harsh working environment.


1. Intelligent management of vehicles: automatic settlement of fees for parking lots and highways, automatic vehicle weighing, etc.

2. Intelligent management of production line: intelligent sorting of line products, etc.

3. Warehouse management: automatic recording of goods in and out of the warehouse, etc.

4. Logistics management: container/ pallet/ asset tracking, etc.

5. Personnel management: school/ factory entrance and exit management.

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