The First Shenzhen - Mid / Esast Europe Trade Fair Opens

The First Shenzhen - Mid / Esast Europe Trade Fair Opens

  • 2016-09-28
"One Belt And One Road" (OBAOR; or One Belt One Road, referred to as OBOR; or Belt And Road referred to, BAR) is the "Silk Road Economic Zone" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" .

Relying on the existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms between China and the countries concerned, with the help of established and effective regional cooperation platforms, the aim of "One Belt And One Road" is not to use an entity or mechanism, The development of economic cooperation with the countries along the lines of cooperation, and jointly build political mutual trust, economic integration, cultural inclusion of the interests of the community, the fate of the Community and community of responsibility.

To further implement the national "One Belt And One Road" strategy to promote the Shenzhen and Central and Eastern European countries, comprehensive economic cooperation and cultural exchanges, by the Shenzhen Municipal Trade Promotion Committee, Shenzhen International Chamber of Commerce and the Shenzhen City of Central and Eastern European Economic and Cultural Association co-hosted the "first The Shenzhen-Middle-Eastern Europe Economic and Trade Fair was held in Wuzhou Hotel on September 27. More than 130 enterprises from 12 CEE countries participated.

Middle / Eastern Europe are the focus area of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy, is an important part of the global emerging markets, but also China's industrial development model changes and investment value chain extension potential destination. In Shenzhen and large-scale economic and trade talks with Central and Eastern European countries is the first time. Fair to investment and trade, environmental introduction and project-based docking.

At the opening ceremony of the morning of September 27, the heads of delegations of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia introduced the status of their industrial development, And trade needs of the country's economic and trade situation. Chairman of the Board of Shenzhen Central-East European Economic and Trade Promotion Association and CEO of Hopeland Group attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

Mr. Rao Luhua said that as Shenzhen's entrepreneurs will actively support and respond to the national "along the way" development strategy, and hope that more enterprises in Shenzhen go out with the participants of the Central and Eastern European entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life in-depth economic cooperation, Mutual benefit and common development. Subsequently, the meeting also held a "Shenzhen - Central and Eastern Europe Economic and Cultural Exchange Center" opening ceremony.

"Shenzhen - Central and Eastern Europe Economic and Cultural Exchange Center" opening ceremony

With the "One Belt And One Road" national strategy to promote, CLOU has been in the "Silk Road new energy belt" to achieve a breakthrough in the construction progress. Hopeland was established in 1996 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2007. It is a national key high-tech enterprise providing core technology and system solutions for intelligent energy and energy Internet. At present, the Hopeland group overseas business expansion to Asia, Africa and Latin America, more than 70 countries and regions, and has set up branch offices in Germany and the United States, in Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana has factories to promote the global localization of production.

The Economic and Cultural Mission of Central and Eastern Europe visited Hopeland

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