Taxi Management System (RFID) System Background

Taxi Management System (RFID) System Background

  • 2019-10-31

Leverage RFID taxi management system - make urban traffic smarter,In recent years, the use of fake license plates, evasion of annual inspections, misappropriation of number plates, modification of stolen vehicles and other violations of laws and regulations have increased. The illegal operation of "black taxis" has seriously violated the interests of the industry and has become a serious scour and has a bad impact on the government. 

There are various forms of "black cars" such as deck cars, fake cars, clone cars, and unlicensed cars in different places, which have a negative impact on the social economy.In order to standardize the traffic order and maintain the order of the taxi market in our city, the functional departments of all levels of government have tried to rectify the fake brand vehicles, and urgently need to build a set of scientific and technological inspection tools suitable for the taxi industry.


Taxi Management System (RFID) solves your vehicle management problems

Using the most advanced science and technology such as radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, video assist technology, wireless communication technology and computer network, the RFID electronic operation certificate installed on each vehicle is used as the information source, and the system management platform and data server are the operation centers. Combined with the vehicle and vehicle owner information database and data timing update, the identity of the rental vehicle is intelligently encrypted and identified.

At the same time, using handheld, on-board, video and other equipment to automatically and in real-time access to information, to find abnormal conditions to provide voice and digital alarms, and timely upload inspection information to the system management platform to form a dynamic, three-dimensional, rigorous and accurate Intelligent automatic traffic supervision and inspection network, so that fake vehicles, deck cars, unlicensed cars, clone cars, smuggled cars and other illegal vehicles have nowhere to hide, so that traffic violation cars, accidents escape cars, owed cars, scrap cars and other problem vehicles Nothing to do, it can greatly reduce traffic inspection costs, improve inspection efficiency, achieve targeted, humanized civilized traffic supervision, improve the scientific and effective management of law enforcement departments, and build "harmonious traffic" A powerful weapon.

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