Shine 340 / 380 IOT Smart UHF RFID Reader

Shine 340 / 380 IOT Smart UHF RFID Reader

  • 2020-10-16

Shine 340 / 380 (model number HH340 / HH380) are Hopeland new designed masterpiece – IOT smart UHF RFID reader, which running with Impinj INDY R2000 high performance RFID chip, and operated on Android 9.0 operation system. 4-Port /8-port optional.

It supports off-line working for 40,000pcs of tags since with 2GB RAM and 16G ROM capacity. It also has wireless function as WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G, with USB, RJ45, RS232 and I/O communication interfaces, POE optional. Moreover, it could be connected with monitor via the HDMI interface.

Simple RFID installation and configuration. Plug-and-play infrastructure and GUI that the partners can use

Android 9.0 Smart IoT RFID reader - Shine 340


  • Powered by Impinj R2000 chipset for maximum tag detection performance.
  • Android OS based open development environment
  • Support MQTT provides real-time, reliable messaging services for connecting cloud servers
  • Support HTTP POST communication to send the tag data to the web URL directly
  • Support to send the tag data to the specified database directly
  • Kinds of communication interfaces: RJ45, RS485, Wiegand, USB,Bluetooth,4G
  • Industrial, installation-friendly I/O connector
  • Support RSSI, antenna detection, online update
  • RSSI & speed filters


  • Vehicle management: automatic parking lots and highways,
  • automatic vehicle weighing
  • Production line management: intelligent sorting products
  • Warehouse management: automatic recording products in and out
  • Logistics management: container / pallet / asset tracking
  • Personnel management: School / Factory / Office entrance and exit management

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