RFID Vehicle Weighing Management Solution

RFID Vehicle Weighing Management Solution

  • 2019-05-16

Some enterprises in the parking, registration, weighing and other important links, the operator manually enter the data into the computer, not only time-consuming, but also a large error rate, prone to human error, can not be effectively managed and controlled, the enterprise will cause a large number of The loss of waste and cost is not in line with the modern industrialization trend.


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an important part of the Internet of Things and is now widely used in various industries.


System Features 

1. Quickly and automatically identify weighing vehicle information, improve recognition efficiency, and alleviate vehicle queuing; 

2. RFID remote automatic identification, accurate data, eliminating manual management loopholes; 

3. It is less affected by the environment and adapts to various harsh environment applications such as wind/snow/rain/fog; 

4. The RFID reader adopts outdoor waterproof design to ensure long-term stable operation; 

5. RFID remote card reader has a rich data transmission interface, which can realize data linkage with gates and cameras; 


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RFID UHF long-distance reader CL7206B5A is a high-performance UHF UHF electronic label all-in-one machine. It is completely independent intellectual property design, combined with proprietary high-efficiency signal processing algorithms to achieve high reading rate while achieving electronic Fast reading and writing of tags, widely used in parking lot management, mine car weighing, non-stop charging, automatic sorting line identification, logistics, access control systems, anti-counterfeiting systems and production process control, etc. .


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The RFID UHF antenna CL7205A is a high performance UHF UHF antenna. It can be widely used in a variety of radio frequency identification (RFID) systems such as warehouse inbound and outbound management, logistics sorting, vehicle management, intelligent weighing, access control attendance, anti-counterfeiting systems and production process control.


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