RFID Technology in The Express Delivery Industry

RFID Technology in The Express Delivery Industry

  • 2019-08-21

RFID Technology in The Express Delivery Industry

   Before using RFID technology, the operator must view and scan each package and check the status of the package before updating the status of the package within the system so that the user can check the package logistics status. RFID technology can be used to attach RFID tags to the goods. When the goods pass through the RFID reader, the current status of the goods can be scanned and updated into the database. The courier company can update the cargo information more quickly, improve the work efficiency, and let the customer grasp the parcel logistics situation more quickly.


   What are the advantages of the logistics industry using RFID technology?


·       Large quantities of parcels and express shipments can be quickly sorted by RFID technology.


·       In the process of parcel delivery, the RFID tag tracking of the package can realize the real-time stalking of the package, so that the customer can query the parcel status more quickly.


·       It can manage the property of the courier company such as vehicles, pallets, etc., use RFID technology to track the direction of the vehicle and arrange the departure of the vehicle, which can effectively save the cost of the enterprise.

 RFID reader

   However, the RFID industry currently has many difficulties in actual use.


   First, the price is expensive. The price of RFID tags is often as high as hundreds of dollars. 

   Second, the reliability is poor, the accuracy of reading the RFID tag material is about 75%, and the accuracy of reading the bar code material is as high as 99%. 

   Third, the compatibility is poor, and some RFID skills are not compatible with existing systems and skills, and lack of consistent specifications.


   Although the RFID technology is not perfect, the follow-up will become more and more mature. At that time, RFID technology will bring new opportunities to the logistics industry.


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