RFID Access Control Application

RFID Access Control Application

  • 2019-12-12

Long-range access control system

Only those who hold a legal card can enter and ban freely, the card can be carried with them, and can be automatically recognized without having to dig out the card, eliminating the trouble of pressing the password or swiping the card with both hands, and illegal persons cannot open the door to enter. Really completely free your hands, and really quickly identify the quick access.


The safety requirements of modern working environments, departmental administrative management work, daily attendance management, and company catering consumption are all closely related to the access control system. Departments such as apartments, residential quarters, factory patrols, company R & D technology departments, medical units' do-not-disturb areas, and finance and finance departments are the best places for RFID access control systems. Installing RFID access control systems in some office places, residential apartments, and other public entrance and exit channels can effectively prevent unauthorized people from entering and maximize the security of these places.


The RFID open access control system not only has all the functions and features of a traditional ordinary access control system, but also has the characteristics of an open multi-person fast passage and simultaneous recording of the personal information of each person in and out. When a person wearing a radio frequency ID card passes through the gate, the information in the ID card is automatically collected by the system without manual intervention, making access control management more convenient. The electronic tag card has a long service life, can be read and written more than 100,000 times, and the service life is up to more than ten years.

Automation, informatization, and intelligence have become the needs of the development of the times. Infinite technology and computer technology have also continued to develop. The Internet of Things industry is becoming more and more widely used. The RFID access control system is a good reflection of the practicality of the Internet of Things. The RFID access control system has high security and reliability, and is easy to use.


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