Prescription Pill Filling RFID Application

Prescription Pill Filling RFID Application

  • 2019-10-09

Intense market competition and the prevalence of counterfeit and shoddy drugs urgently require an RFID system for the inspection and control of pharmaceutical production processes and product anti-counterfeiting labels.


RFID systems are widely used in the production process control, pill filling and packaging processes of the pharmaceutical industry. In reality, the implementation of the RFID system has greatly enhanced the productivity of the pharmaceutical industry, responded to market orders more quickly and accurately, and delivered faster and more efficiently.



RFID industry solution features in the pharmaceutical industry


1) Modular, compact and easy to install read and write controller


2) Efficient connectivity with PLC and Ethernet


3) Can be applied in high cleanliness indoor environment


4) High reliability, high precision RFID products.




Prescription pill filling RFID application

The vials are placed on a rubber disc with a coded body. Each vial rotates with the conveyor belt. When the first data is written to the station of the code carrier, the reader will write the order number and fill the pellet model to the code body.

The reader of the pill filling station reads the code carrier.Only when the model of the pill to be filled matches the model of the filling station pill, the bottle stops rotating, and the PLC sends a command to the filling station to fill the pill into the vial.The reader then writes the information of the filled pill to the code carrier, and at the subsequent inspection site, confirms that the type of the pill bottle recorded in the code body is consistent with the type of pill to be filled.The application of the RFID system greatly enhances the efficiency of the inspection site, responds quickly to customer orders and delivers them to customers in a timely manner.

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