New Design, the long rang and cheap reader -- S100 Economical Integrated Reader

New Design, the long rang and cheap reader -- S100 Economical Integrated Reader

  • 2021-01-21

S100 is an economical and cost-effective UHF iso18000-6c (EPC C1G2) / ISO18000-6B integrated tag reader, Built in Circular 9dBi antenna, Combined with the proprietary high-efficiency electronic label collision processing algorithm, in maintaining high recognition rate at the same time, realize the fast read-write processing of electronic labels, it works in FHSS mode, supports TCP / IP, Wigan RS232 and RS485 interface data transmission, provides dynamic link library (DLL) and supports secondary development. The output power is adjustable from 7dBm to 30dBm. Combining reliable reading with ease of programing and communication. It is suitable for applications in asset tracking, inventory management, and track and trace.


  •  Economical integrated reader achieves beyond-expected tag reading performance to meet various application scenarios
  •  Rich communication interfaces (Ethernet, RS232, RS485, etc.)
  •  The built-in buzzer can be set as the tag reading prompt sound
  •  Support online upgrade
  •  Support RSSI and tag data filtering
  •  Support custom data output format



Typical applications

  •  Logistics industry such as, warehouse management, cargo transfer tracking, etc.
  •  Intelligent vehicle management e.g. vehicle inspection, customs clearance, etc.
  •  Anti-forgery identification.
  •  Production automation, parts flow management, etc.
  •  E-ticketing and identification of personnel cards, etc.
  •  Asset access management, etc.

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