Identium, System Integrator of Hopeland RFID Readers

Identium, System Integrator of Hopeland RFID Readers

  • 2018-12-18

Identium, System Integrator Of Hopeland RFID Readers


Identium is an innovative Tech solutions company focused on providing proven and

dependable automatic identification products and solutions for challenging applications.

Our solutions provide highly reliable and scalable performance even in difficult

environmental conditions. Identium is partner of Hopeland readers in India, if you need to customize your software system, welcome for any concerns.


Our Main focus is on RFID Related Solutions including :

1. RFID Device Integration

2. RFID Device Utilities

3. Integration of RFID Reader with Cloud Server

4. RFID Reader & tags consultation - Which Industry to use which tag and which reader for

best performance

5. Development of Customised RFID Solutions

6. Revamping of Existing RFID Setup


RFID Solutions we offer(Ready-made - Developed already):

1. RFID Race timing Solution - for Marathons & Triathlons

2. RFID Infant Monitoring System

3. RFID Laundry tracking System

4. RFID Inventory Mapping utility with Barcode

5. RFID Attendee Tracking System for Conferences & Exhibitions

6. RFID Event Access Control System


RFID Utilities :

1. RFID Inventory Mapping utility with Barcode

2. RFID Listener - to send and receive data directly from a cloud server using an RFID Reader

Our Expertise is into providing Comprehensive RFID Solutions.

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