How to use RFID technology to speed up new retail?

How to use RFID technology to speed up new retail?

  • 2019-06-19

How to use RFID technology to speed up new retail



In order to effectively improve the turnover rate of goods and reduce inventory pressure, the new retail industry has introduced RFID technology to improve the flow rate and data accuracy of goods in factories, quality inspection factories, warehouses, etc., and at the store, RFID technology also makes A series of daily affairs such as goods, delivery, inventory, and finding goods become efficient and fast. 

Project requirements

1. Efficiency improvement in the steps of supply chain re-investment review, warehouse out-of-stock review, etc., saving labor costs. 

2. Refine management to improve the accuracy of data on the supply chain. 

3. Improve store store operation efficiency, reduce the intensity of store staff management, and focus on sales.


The application of RFID technology has reduced the labor cost of the supply chain warehousing review by 73% and the efficiency to 250%. In the warehouse review review, labor costs fell by 82% and efficiency increased to 175%. The application of RFID technology will upgrade the production, distribution and sales process of commodities, which is also a key step for the integration of the new retail brand online and offline.


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