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Innovative New Products

Innovative New Products

Hopeland Smart series 1-Port UHF RFID Module HZ510 series

Hopeland Smart series 1-Port UHF RFID Module HZ510 series

The Hopeland Smart series HZ510( including HZ511) is a miniaturized UHF RFID reading and writing module, using the highly integrated Impinj reader chip as the core platform. It supports excellent sensitivity and anti-conflict mechanism, multi-tag reading, integrated analog radio frequency front end and baseband digital signal processing module and other functions. The developer can easily control it through API, which is suitable for various application scenarios such as handhelds and fixed readers.

Product Features

High Sensitivity -85dbm 12m long reading handheldImpinj RAIN RFID E710 / Indy R2000
Easy integration& Rich API

full interfaces & multiple ports optional

Products Details
  • Air Interface Protocol: ISO 18000-6B, EPC global UHF C1G2/C2G2 / ISO 18000-6C
  • Frequency range: 860MHz - 930MHz
  • Power consumption :1100mA @ +30dBm
  • +5V single supply operation, maximum output power 33dBm,
  • max up to 35meters reading (depending on final RFID device and tag)
  • max -85db Receive Sensitivity
  • Optional working mode: fixed frequency / frequency hopping 
  • Support RSSI: The intensity of the perceived signal
  • Support tag data filtering
  • Support Anti-collision algorithm
  • Support multiple tags inventory

Technical Specifications

  • Forward link modulation: PR-ASK
  • Decoding: FM0, Miller 2/4/8
  • Data rate : 160k, 250k, 320k, 640k
  • Continuous reading tag distance (EPC code reading): 0-15 m, with 100 consecutive readings, the success rate is greater than 95% (without interference).                                                    Test condition: 8dBi line polarization antenna, radio frequency cable insertion loss less than 1dB, standard tag (sensitivity better than -18dbm)
  • Continuous writing tag distance (EPC code writing): 0-8 m, with 100 consecutive writings, the success rate is greater than 90% (without interference).                                                         Test condition: 8dBi line polarization antenna, radio frequency cable insertion loss less than 1dB, standard tag (sensitivity better than -18dbm)
  • Inventory Speed:≥900 tags/sec  / Test condition: Multi-tag mode, EPC baseband rate is Tari=7.5us, FM0, LHF=640KHz

Typical Applications

  • Handheld RFID Reader integration
  • Integrated RFID Reader
  • RFID Tag Writer
  • RFID embedded equipment such as Tag Printer, ATM, anti-counterfeiting equipment, identification system equipment, WMS system channel equipment and so on.


Operating Voltage


Standby Current

< 20mA

Operating Current

5V power supply, 5

1100mA @ +30dBm, working peak current is about 1500mA


55.88 mm×35.56 mm×7.2mm

Air Interface Protocol

ISO 18000-6C/6B/EPC C1G2/C2G2

Frequency Range


The U.S., Canada and other countries or regions that comply with U.S. FCC. Comply with ETSI EN 302 208 in Europe and other regions (with and without LBT regulations)

Other countries or regions within this frequency range

Output Power


Output Power Precision


Receive Sensitivity




Antenna Port Detection


Communication Interface

TTL UART serial

RF Connector Type


Interface Cable Type

12P 1.0mm pitch FFC cable

Heat Dissipation

Air cooling with external heat sink

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Operating humidity

95% (25℃)

Interface Specification





4.5V-5.5V DC

Power supply


4.5V-5.5V DC



Device Ground





Enable (Connected high level, module works.

Without high level, module does not work.)




















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