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RFID Software

RFID Software

Hopeland RFID Software Middleware V2.0

Hopeland RFID Software Middleware V2.0

With the gradual introduction and application of RFID reader products, the user's needs become more and more diversified, RIFD reader use scale is also constantly expanding. Customers in the use of the process of facing a variety of challenges, such as the need for centralized network card reader management, unified state monitoring and maintenance, multi-language application development, etc. We need to be able to stand at a higher level to give the solution, just rely on the promotion of hardware features is clearly difficult to meet the readers.

Product Features

Window OS  support all Shine, Sharp series
12m long reading handheld Work with mpinj R2000
 max 100 readers working at same time
max 100 readers working at same time 12m long reading handheldWiFi /local area networking support

Products Details
  • Support tag filtering
  • Support clock synchronization
  • Multi-reader management (Max 100 sets at same time)
  • Support customized service, easy development
  • Support WebService interface remote control
  • Independently for clients-side
  • Client-side independently to batch configuration
  • Complete log management system
  • Cross platform service


RFID Application Pain Points

  • Software team is not familiar with RFID technology, devel opment need long time.
  • Software team is not familiar with RFID device mainte nance
  • Need multiple devices in one project, programming working much more than based on device SDK
  • Multi-antenna working mode with collision will influence performance
  • Can not get real time working status of all RFID devices
  • Multi-language application development demands, but only English demo software

 Hopeland RFID Software Middleware V2.0


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