Hopeland Gained Great Success at Shenzhen IOTE 2017

Hopeland Gained Great Success at Shenzhen IOTE 2017

  • 2017-08-22

Last week from Wednesday to Friday, Hopeland have successfully held the 9th IOTE exhibition at Shenzhen. IOTE (China International Internet of Thing Exhibition), support by China Internet of Thing Industry Alliance, China IoT Alliance, which is the largest and most comprehensive IoT expo in Asia.


As a leader of Chinese RFID industry, hopeland make good use of this opportunity and show the best and latest RFID technology. Thousands of professional visitors came to our booth in these days, and we earned great reputation from them.


Hopland IOTE 2017


At this big event, we have shown our latest developed UHF RFID devices: Android handheld RFID scanner, fixed RFID reader, integrated RFID reader, UHF RFID antenas, RFID access gate, RFID tags etc. Especially the new 12 ports and 24 ports fixed reader, intelligent gateway RFID reader, have absorbed many concentration. Addition to the single devices, hopeland have also offered series of RFID solution apply to many applications, such as retail management, smart manufacturing, document management, access control etc. We are always devoted to provide the complete solution with best products and superior service.


IOTE 2017, RFID reader


Different from the previous exhibition, this time we built a special area to show our core star technology: Raspberry Pi gateway RFID reader HL7206C9, and RFID middleware version 2.0.

HL7206C9 is an intelligent RFID reader, integrated with a Raspberry Pi computer and simple middleware. It support multi-reader management and quick connect with Internet. It greatly enhance the process of small or medium project and save time and cost to develop system. 

The RFID middleware is second version since last year, it would be like a bridge for system developers between hardware and client terminal. And it suit for big scale project, for which it support over 100pcs of RFID readers managed.


Raspberry Pi RFID Reader

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