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Vacancy: International Sales Manager

Position duties: 

1. Responsible for sales of RFID (software and hardware) products in foreign markets;

2. Participate in professional exhibitions domestic and abroad (the largest in the industry) and visit customers overseas;

3. Integrate resources within the team to complete the company's assigned performance tasks;

4. Cooperate with superiors to collect overseas market data, document filings and communicate with team members;

5. Assist daily market brand promotion, platform construction and maintenance;

6. Divided into multiple sales teams, if you have the desire, you want to take the initiative to ask for management skills.


1. Bachelor degree or above, International Trade / Foreign Language, communication engineering, Internet of Things related majors;

2. Good ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English or small languages, face-to-face communication with foreign customers, 

and familiarity with reception of foreign guests etiquette;

3. The RFID industry / security industry / Internet of Things industry hardware industry international sales experience preferred;

4. Well organized, positive and optimistic, strong sense of responsibility, strong pressure resistance, and share of teamwork.

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