UHF RFID Technology

UHF RFID Technology

Unmanned Warehousing - New Commercial Blue Ocean

Unmanned Warehousing - New Commercial Blue Ocean

  • 2017/10/25
Since the end of last year, the concept of unmanned retail more and more popular, a variety of unmanned retail experience shop and a variety of unmanned retail programs march to market, unmanned retail market is generally rising rapidly.

With the development of RFID technology, daily production and life in the level of automation is getting higher and higher, many applications are in the pursuit of "unmanned". I personally feel that the concept of "unmanned" personally feel more suitable for industrial or enterprise applications, in the face of consumer applications directly to the scene, it need to increase the value of more services, to be more efficient for pursuit of the scene, unmanned has a very important economic significance.

Why we need unmanned warehousing?
1. China's existing logistics market is huge, accounting for the proportion of GDP as a whole;
2. Warehousing hardware investment plus management investment accounted for nearly half of the entire logistics market costs;

3. China's storage efficiency is still very low, compared with the developed countries have a relatively large gap.

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