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  • Application of RFID Wristband Tags Reduces Queues in Parks
    • Jan , 24 2022
    Application of RFID Wristband Tags Reduces Queues in Parks

    Recently, a new park in Louisiana called Moncus Park opened to the public, allowing people to purchase food and beverages with a flick of an RFID wristband tag. Moncas Park, formerly used as a commercial development, is now a non-profit park that began construction in March 2018. Since food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are provided by local food vendors, entry is $10 per person, but e...

  • UHF RFID Electronic Tags
    • Dec , 18 2019

    UHF RFID electronic tags usually refer to electronic tags that conform to the ISO18000-6C & EPC C1G2 protocol. Of course, there are also electronic tags of the ISO18000-6B protocol, but the ISO18000-6B protocol is gradually marginalized. First, what needs to be considered is the storage structure of UHF electronic tags? 1. What is the model of the chip? 2. What is the memory map of the chip in...

  • Indian Company Simplifies Solid Waste Management with RFID Tags
    • Dec , 12 2019

    Indian company Agra Nagar Nigam has decided to simplify solid waste management by installing RFID tags, which are installed in 99,450 houses in 51 communities and handing over 350 RFID handheld readers to cleaners. Homeowners must put dry garbage and wet garbage in different bins and pay a Rs 65 management fee each month. When the cleaner collects garbage from the house and scans the RFID tag inst...

  • What is the difference between a barcode and an RFID tag? What are the types of RFID tags?
    • Dec , 04 2019

    Bar codes and RFID tags are both item information identification technologies, and their essence is to give a special number to an item, through which you can get information about the item. The bar code is numbered by knowing the change of the image by optical means. The RFID tag can be considered as the electronic version of the barcode, and its working principle is the radio principle. The numb...

  • Talking about RFID Electronic Label Packaging Technology
    • Nov , 15 2019

    RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically recognizes target objects and acquires relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work can work in various harsh environments without manual intervention. RFID technology can recognize high-speed moving objects and recognize multiple labels at the same time, which is qu...

  • What are the applications of Internet of Things technology such as RFID in intelligent transportation?—part 2
    • Nov , 01 2019

    Real-time monitoring and management of urban traffic The traffic data collected by the Intelligent Transportation Integrated Platform based on RFID technology can be used for real-time traffic flow monitoring, intelligent statistics of traffic information, traffic information mining and large data processing, as well as congestion charging and congestion restriction in different time zones. The tr...

  • Make UHF RFID Tags for Bottle label
    • Jul , 13 2017

    There is an ever growing interest in RFID technology given its ability to associate with remote sensors. The market of the spirituous beverages, particularly the most expensive ones are a target for the application of RFID tech. The low cost associated to the RFID tags create an opportunity to embed intelligence into the bottles without increasing the cost burden to the producers. The challenge to...

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