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  • The Impact of Metals on RFID Systems
    • Nov , 09 2018

    At present, radio frequency identification is most widely used in high frequency and ultra high frequency. However, radio frequency in the UHF band is sensitive to the environment, especially metal, which makes the passive tag of this working frequency unable to work on objects with metal surfaces, and the most widely used logistics industry for radio frequency identification is metal environment....

  • How to Test RFID System Deployment
    • Feb , 08 2018

    It is important to test your RFID equipment before deploying an RFID system. RFID tags can be manually scanned by handheld terminals, or by using active tags and fixed readers/antennas. Active tags have built-in power, while passive tags do not require built-in power. Passive RFID tags from the received RFID reader to send the electromagnetic energy to obtain energy, activated to send data to the ...

  • Passive UHF RFID System Evaluation for Retail
    • Sep , 04 2017

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method that allows an object to store and communicate unique information using RFID labels/ markers. These labels - more often referred to as "Tags" - which describe unique features of the object to which they are attached, can be read several meters without the need to be in the line of sight of a reader. Passive UHF RFID techno...

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