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  • Introduction of UHF RFID Reader System
    • Mar , 11 2021
    Introduction of UHF RFID Reader System

    There are four important components to make up a UHF RFID system, the host computer, the reader, the antenna and the electronic label. The host computer sends a command to the reader, the reader turns on the RF module to send UHF signals under the control of the host computer commands, a magnetic field is created around the RFID tag by means of an antenna. When the magnetic field is strong enough,...

  • What applications of Internet of Things technology such as RFID are in intelligent transportation?
    • Jul , 17 2019

    Intelligent transportation is the development direction of the future transportation system. It is an effective integration of advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology. It is applied to the entire ground traffic management system. It is a real-time. Accurate and efficient integrated transp...

  • How to choose a UHF reader
    • Jul , 15 2019

    1, Business needs and application scenarios The choice of UHF readers must first meet the business needs and suit the application scenario. This depends on the read range, read and write speed of the reader, and the suitability of the application environment. 2, CPU, memory capacity The memory capacity of the portable UHF RFID reader determines the data capacity, and its memory capacity correspond...

  • RFID Automatic Identification Technology Used in Clothing Store
    • Jan , 22 2018

    Combined with Internet of Things big data technology, data collected from clothing stores for in-depth analysis, you can give apparel companies with guidance of the data, such as customer behavior analysis, style try rate, sales rate, trend etc. The main function module: Member Management: Using long range UHF RFID reader can read 8-10 meters of passive membership card, when the customer with a me...

  • Reader Planning in UHF RFID Application
    • Aug , 18 2017

    Based on its’ merits of fast tag access speed and long read distance, UHF RFID technology is regarded as a promising technology for both logistics applications and manufacturing applications. By using the electromagnetic wave propagation method in the far field, UHF RFID system gets large impacts from the field nulls and the interferences. The system can only provide satisfactory service under the...

  • Implementation of 4-channel UHF RFID Reader Based on Impinj R2000
    • Jul , 03 2017

    It is well known that UHF RFID, one of the key technologies of Internet of Things, is becoming the mainstream research of RFID applications. In a RFID system, reader plays an important role, however, RFID reader with only one channel often cannot satisfy the application requirements due to the complicated working environment. Since the working environment of the RFID reader is becoming more and mo...

  • UHF RFID Reader and Antenna for Racing Timing System
    • Jun , 13 2017

    More and more popular for marathon racing in China recent years. As the quantity of runners increasing rapidly, traditional timing system like manual timing, infrared timing could not support such large number of runners at the same time. UHF RFID technology is now the number one technology used for mass participation running events. Firstly, the UHF reader must support the multiple reading and lo...

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