UHF RFID Technology

UHF RFID Technology

UHF RFID for Mold Management System Program

UHF RFID for Mold Management System Program

  • 2018/02/02

Traditional mold management through paper registration mold number and location number, likely cause registration errors, record loss, management confusion, find the extremely inconvenient. The system through the RFID Internet of Things application technology to achieve rapid access and inventory management; database through the background, to quickly find the mold; scientific and systematic management of mold.

The system has the following advantages:
1. RFID tags attached to the mold, tough, safe and reliable;
2. Through RFID reader writer for systematic coding and identification, to achieve rapid out of the mold library and inventory management;
3. Mold can be designated for quick search job;
4. Each time the status of use and maintenance of real-time record in database system.

System workflow:
1.RFID tag to write information and installation
Each label is assigned a unique ID number that corresponds to the mold and writes the mold information to the chip.

2. Mold in/out of storage management

Through the anti-metal tag of the mold read by the UHF RFID antenna, the passive RFID reader automatically reads the tag of the elevator of the mold rack, the system automatically binds the mold location, and uploads the data to the backstage database through the industrial computer to realize rapid access to the warehouse.

3. Repair and maintenance management
In the routine maintenance and maintenance, timely through the handheld RFID reader to record maintenance and repair records, timely upload to the database through the wireless module system. Through the use of the mold each time the status and maintenance records to the database system in real time to help management analysis of the reasons for the loss of mold, mold life assessment.

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