UHF RFID Electronic Tags

UHF RFID Electronic Tags

  • 2019/12/18

UHF RFID electronic tags usually refer to electronic tags that conform to the ISO18000-6C & EPC C1G2 protocol. Of course, there are also electronic tags of the ISO18000-6B protocol, but the ISO18000-6B protocol is gradually marginalized.

First, what needs to be considered is the storage structure of UHF electronic tags?

1. What is the model of the chip?

2. What is the memory map of the chip in the chip's specification?
Generally, the electronic label of the 6C protocol is divided into a TID area, an EPC area, a user area, and a reserved area. The TID is the serial number of the solidified chip and cannot be changed. The EPC area is the most frequently used and written area. Some tags have a user area, and some tags, except for the user area, are usually reserved for storing access passwords.

What kind of data do we need to store in UHF RFID electronic tags? Does the data need to be encrypted?

A typical case is the coding method used in the RFID clothing industry.

96 bit EPC, can store 24 HEX in total, how to allocate these 24 HEX is more important, the following figure clearly lists the storage type of a certain garment,

1- 14 for the product UPC
15-19 digits for clothing information such as style, color, size

20--24 digits are the serial number

Access password and inactivation killing password, add according to your own needs, but you need to pay attention to whether the chip itself can perform password operations

Finally, prepare the UHF RFID reader for batch writing.

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