UHF RFID Technology

UHF RFID Technology

UHF RFID Accurate Running Timing System

UHF RFID Accurate Running Timing System

  • 2018/03/08
In the physical training assessment, you need to record the examination staff from the starting point to the end of the exercise time and rankings. With the development of science and technology, there have been RFID timing system, the assessment system, for the fitness training timer cycle.

Starting point: by the wireless remote control switch, microphone components.
Monitoring points: UHF RFID reader, antenna and wireless router (there may be multiple monitoring points or no monitoring point)

End: RFID reader by the reader, RFID mat antenna, wireless remote control switch signal receiver, wireless router, computer software

The system uses advanced RFID technology, computer information processing and other high-tech and physical training assessment combined to facilitate the assessment staff to carry without affecting its status, when the assessment staff with a radio frequency identification card (RFID tag) through the mat antenna, the long range UHF RFID reader can immediately detect the card information passed, the reader then read the card number sent to the connected computer, the computer get the relevant information of the examiner, and the use of special software for a series of information processing.

RFID four channel fixed reader, brand: Hopeland, Model: CL7206C2, a high-performance UHF four-port fixed RFID reader and writer device. UHF RFID carpet antenna for sports timing, brand: Hopeland, Model: CL7205F. Athletes use UHF wristband tags or lace labels, the exterior is specially designed for durability and comfort, with IP67 protection.

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