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RFID Technology

The Use of RFID in the Financial Field

The Use of RFID in the Financial Field

  • 2018/08/07
With the continuous development of the Internet of Things, RFID technology has also been widely promoted and applied. Speaking of the application of RFID technology in various industries, there are too many applications. Today we will look at the application of RFID technology in the financial field.

1. Improve the efficiency of bank asset management
China Construction Bank has applied RFID technology to RFID electronic tags for fixed assets such as bank data center cabinets and their internal equipment. UHF RFID reader writing devices have been installed in the data center computer room entrance and exit and cabinets, combined with computer room environment monitoring software. The automatic alarm system and access control system construct a complete asset management monitoring platform to realize comprehensive visual tracking and monitoring of IT equipment, which provides great convenience for data center management personnel to manage the efficiency of IT equipment.

2. Improve bank deposit and export management security
RFID technology monitors the cash box transfer process, which can realize intelligent escort supervision, safe handover supervision, personnel identification, and automatic monitoring and alarming, thus ensuring correct handover, high banknotes in and out of the warehouse and security during transportation. The escort obtains the handheld RFID reader and writing device with the RFID identity tag, and downloads the work task list (including the tail card number, the line bank outlet, the cash card number, the bullet number and the quantity, etc.) on the wireless network on the handheld RFID reading and writing device.

3. VIP service - improve customer service quality

Some banks have applied RFID technology to their VIP customer management by issuing VIP cards that combine ordinary cards with RFID electronic tags. Once a VIP customer enters the bank gate(RFID gate reader), their personal information, including their name, history and recent transactions, is instantly retrieved from a tailor-made application database. The customer relationship manager, it personally greets the VIP customer, greatly improving the VIP customer experience.

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