The Introduction Of RFID Technology

The Introduction Of RFID Technology

  • 2016/07/29

With the development of technology, RFID system appeared in our lives. This technology has become more and more mature. Let’s introduce them to you.


RFID is a general term used for describing a system transmitting the identity of products and services through radio waves. Talking about RFID technology, RFID reader antenna shouldn’t be ignored. RFID antenna designs are powered by a variety of wavelengths depending on the software and the place. Antennas for your RFID Readers are employed to direct and shape the actual RFID signal from your Reader. The RFID reader antenna are available in various gains, which permit the community installer in order to optimize the policy area. RFID antenna designs with higher gain throw the transmission further but with a narrower beam; reduced gain antennas will give you a rounder coverage design.

RFID reader antenna

The main purpose of RFID technology is to enable data to be transmitted by any portable device generally referred to as a tag, which is read by an RFID reader and then processed as required by the application. So, programmable RFID tag is play a important role in RFID system. RFID tag have a lot of advantages, on one hand,they can help to reduce misplacement of goods since they become easier to trace. On the other hand, programmable RFID tag are more robust and secure that can operate in harsh climates and tough environments.


RFID Technology brings multiple benefits, they can help to reduce human errors. In summary, use RFID technology will help us to solve many problems. To learn more, please consult us. Welcome to visit clouiotech.


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