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The important role of RFID technology in animal management

The important role of RFID technology in animal management

  • 2020/12/08

The continuous outbreak of animal epidemics around the world has further highlighted the important role of RFID technology in animal management. Animal epidemics around the world continue to erupt, Large-scale outbreaks such as swine fever, avian flu and COVID-19, This not only severely damaged the animal husbandry in the world, especially in Europe, but also seriously affected or even threatened human health and life safety. As a result, it has attracted great attention from countries all over the world, especially European countries, governments quickly formulate policies and take corresponding measures.

Countries in the world have strengthened animal management in animal husbandry and commerce.Among them, the identification and tracking of animals has become one of the major measures adopted by various countries.

The identification and tracking of various animals, can strengthen the control and supervision of foreign animal diseases, protect the safety of native species and ensure the safety of international trade of livestock products, it can strengthen the government's management of animal inoculation and disease prevention, improve the ability to diagnose and report animal diseases, and respond to animal epidemics at home and abroad.

Currently, widely used animal identification methods include: ear tags, back tags, necklaces, tail tags, tattoos and leg tags, etc.The RFID system can track the feeding, epidemic prevention, slaughter and sales of livestock in a complex multi-step supply network, and is an efficient supply chain management solution.

RFID solutions can simplify livestock breeding management, epidemic prevention management, and timely understand and prevent large-scale outbreaks.It can not only bring benefits to herders and reduce losses, but also facilitate government departments to monitor the entire process of animal husbandry and epidemic prevention to ensure the quality of meat products entering the market.

How is RFID technology applied in animal husbandry?

A). When the animals are born and raised, install RFID tags on the animals (such as ear tags or foot rings), after that, the breeder used a Handheld Terminal to continuously collect or store information during its growth.Record key information such as epidemic prevention records and disease information of livestock in various periods. Control production safety from the source.

B)Before slaughter, use a reader to read the RFID tag information on the livestock, it is confirmed that the livestock has a record of epidemic prevention and is truly healthy before they can be slaughtered and enter the market, at the same time, write this information into the box label, cargo pallet label and price label.

C)In the process of market supervision, the supervisory department requires that the pallets, boxes and price tags of all sales outlets contain RFID electronic tags. It is stipulated that relevant data such as the origin, product name, type, grade, and price of the meat should be written into the electronic label.

D)Fresh meat enters the market circulation link, Attach RFID electronic tags to the pallets or packaging boxes loaded with meat and transport them to designated supermarkets or market sales points.When handing over the goods, you only need to read the RFID electronic tags on the packing box or pallet through a fixed uhf rfid reader or a handheld reader.

E)Through the computer terminal, consumers only need to click the mouse to display all aspects of livestock raising, epidemic prevention, slaughter, and circulation. The biggest feature of electronic identification technology is that it cannot be copied. Each animal has a unique identification number to ensure that the information will not be confused.

The use of RFID technology has brought management changes to the animal husbandry industry chain, realized paperless management. It is convenient to provide data for government departments, and the data cannot be falsified, which simplifies the supervision procedures.

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