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"Smart Chengdu" RFID Application New Scenario - RFID Smart Mobile Warehouse

"Smart Chengdu" RFID Application New Scenario - RFID Smart Mobile Warehouse

  • 2022/04/15

Recently, in response to the construction of "Smart Chengdu", the subway system in Chengdu, China introduced a new generation of supply chain infrastructure - “RFID smart mobile warehouse” in the TOD project of Sichuan Normal University. Once unveiled, the RFID smart mobile warehouse has attracted the attention of many netizens.

What is RFID Smart Mobile Warehouse?

The entire warehouse body of "RFID smart mobile warehouse" is composed of containers, which can be moved at any time according to the changes of the construction site, which facilitates the configuration of warehouses near the project and shortens the distance of material collection, so as to realize the convenience of "where the construction is, the warehouse is there".

The warehouse integrates a large number of smart devices such as RFID smart shelves equipped with RFID reading and writing devices, unmanned containers, temperature and humidity sensors, cameras, and IoT sensors, which can be used to store high-frequency materials commonly used on construction sites. At the same time, the AI face recognition function is added to the collection list configured according to the type of work, and workers can automatically open it to receive materials. As the main equipment of digital warehouse management solution, RFID smart mobile warehouse integrates various digital technologies and infrastructure to achieve precise management of project materials, and also greatly reduces service costs and maintenance costs in supply chain management.

Hopeland i90 RFID Cabinet integrated with UHF RFID module is also often used in complex construction site project scenarios to realize the storage, inventory and deployment of a variety of important materials.

(Source of this article: RFID World Website)

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