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RFID Technology

Security RFID Consumables Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Scheme

Security RFID Consumables Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Scheme

  • 2018/12/26

The application of Internet of Things technology has brought about the possibility of product innovation, solving product anti-counterfeiting, distribution and after-sales problems, and the realization of purification effect requires deep professional experience and huge industry data.


Consumer products, as a huge market in life, are essential for anti-counterfeiting, distribution management or after-sales in sales, and RFID is applied to these links to improve product safety and quality while saving costs and helping To solve two major problems in the retail industry: goods out of stock and loss - products lost due to theft and supply chain disruption. The following is an example of printer toner cartridge management:

1. The built-in RFID tag on the toner cartridge is written by the RFID reader writer.

2. Install an RFID card reader on a specific part of the printer. When replacing the toner cartridge, you can only use the RFID-enabled label, otherwise the printer will not work properly.

3. The RFID tag has a unique UID and a large capacity user data area. It has an independent management key, which can be used to trace the source and correctly find a specific provider. When the product fails, it can also quickly seek after-sales service.

4. It can prevent suppliers or distributors in different regions from crossing each other.

5. Protect and maintain the good integrity brand effect of the product

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