RFID Technology

RFID Technology

Scenic Area Intelligent Management System Solution

Scenic Area Intelligent Management System Solution

  • 2018/04/20
For the characteristics of scenic spots and other places, to improve the effective management of the scenic area, to provide an accurate, efficient, real-time management and monitoring methods to enhance the quality of service area.

1. Entrance ticket management
E-ticket: RFID electronic double-frequency ticket is used as a ticket for tourists in the tour area. Each ticket is accompanied by a high-frequency RFID and active RFID chip identification card to store identity information.

Entrance ticketing: In the absence of the scene at the scene, passers in and out of the RFID access control path according to the authority, completely intelligent management.

Ticket Examiner: In Jingyuanguan District and other tour areas, ticket inspectors use a hand-held ticket inspection machine to conduct spot checks on tourists. Without the need for tourists to cooperate, they can read electronic books at a distance by holding a handheld RFID scanner. The information in the tag is matched against the picture of the ticket buyer displayed on the handheld ticket checker.

2. Personnel Management
Real-time understanding of the exact location of each visitor and staff in the management area. Managers can keep track of the number of tourists and staff at a certain point in time. In crowded public places, using RFID technology, the master control center can track and at any time inquire about the specific location information of each tourist.

3. Asset Management
Managers can query where assets are located in real time, real-time records of asset inspections: Inspectors carry handheld terminal to inspect equipment, upload inspection records in real time, and learn past inspection records, making inspection information continuous, and reducing paper and duplicate records.

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