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RFID Technology

RFID Workshop Staff Management Increase Efficiency 100%

RFID Workshop Staff Management Increase Efficiency 100%

  • 2017/12/13
The system is based on the actual needs of the factory, the use of RFID technology (radio frequency technology), image processing technology, network communications technology and digital processing technology and plant management combined with attendance management for plant personnel into the work area management achieve intelligent control, thereby making the workshop management more efficient and smart.

RFID workshop management system implementation process:

Each employee have an electronic tag business card. The tag stores a unique ID number that uniquely identifies the employee. It also stores the simple situation of the employee: name, job title, type of job, contact information, department, etc.

When workers go into specific region, the long range UHF RFID reader at the entrance and UHF RFID antenna, could read the tags information.

When the Ethernet RFID reader reads the information, the data sent through the communication interface to the host computer system, and the host computer would analysis employee information: If the staff information and background information in the database to match the smooth entry; if the workers do not belong to the work area, that is, the information does not match, then the reader will read the signal alarm occurs Told the administrator that the workers do not belong to this work area, belonging to illegal entry, can take appropriate measures.

For background set the number of people entering each production workshop area, if the authorized staff has been full, when someone enters the production workshop, the remote RFID reader reads the information to the staff to suggest that overcrowding, sound and light alarm through the LED reality screen.

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