RFID Solution

RFID Solution

RFID Wireless Operation Management System

RFID Wireless Operation Management System

  • 2018/10/18
1. Conveyor belt sorting
Sorting the goods on the conveyor requires multiple antennas to form an RFID scanning tunnel to increase the first rate. At the same time, the UHF RFID reader needs to access the conveyor belt or other control host. At this time, the use of reusable RFID tags and readers can form an economical and efficient RFID system.

2. Tray packaging workstation
The multiple RFID reader installed on the pallet packaging station needs to identify and classify the goods on the pallet in time and link it to the RFID identification tray to form a low-cost solution.

3. Forklift mobile work
Forklift mobile operations are the most important mode of operation for warehouses and logistics centers. The mobile work platform consisting of a fixed RFID reader and an on-board computer is especially suitable for the operation of pallet goods and the reading and writing of RFID tags.

4. Manual mobile work

Manually moving jobs requires specifying items and completing a series of jobs. The mobile computer is combined with a mobile work platform to simultaneously read and write RFID tags and scan barcodes, and process, store and communicate them accordingly.

Today's enterprises, whether small business enterprises or large manufacturing enterprises, all include fixed asset management in the important position of internal cost control and annual financial statistics. The cost of internal fixed assets also affects the profit margin of direct income outside the company. Good control and mastery of internal assets can provide strong support for operational stability.

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