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RFID Technology to Build Intelligent Logistic Distribution Center

RFID Technology to Build Intelligent Logistic Distribution Center

  • 2017/06/14
The distribution center is logistics place or organization engaged for distribution business. The establishment of the distribution center is mainly to achieve the distribution of logistics.
For Traditional distribution center, they usually have problems below:
1. Inventory statistics lack accuracy
2. Cargo loss
3. Difficult for inventory
4. High labor cost

For these problems, let's talk about how to apply RFID technology in the distribution center.

1. Warehousing and inspection

When the goods with RFID tags arrived at the distribution center, the fixed RFID reader automatically read the label at the entrance, and the management system will automatically update the inventory list. At the same time, according to the needs of the order, deliver goods to the right place. Clou's 4-ports fixed UHF reader could support over 200 tags multi-reading and distance up to 15m, perfectly meet the needs.

2. Outbound transport

Cargo transport will achieve a high degree of automation with RFID. When the goods in the distribution center out of the factory, within the valid range of the RFID reader, the reader automatically read the goods on the label information, do not need to scan, you can directly out of the goods shipped to the retailer's hands. Clou's CL7206B2, outdoor IP66 RFID reader with WiFi, Bluetooth, and RS232/RS485/RJ45 interfaces, would be your best choice.

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