UHF RFID Technology

UHF RFID Technology

RFID Technology Support Security Industry

RFID Technology Support Security Industry

  • 2017/10/31
At present, many industries have used RFID technology. RFID technology is closely related to the security industry, RFID technology plays an important role in applications such as intelligent transportation, intelligent parking, intelligent access control, RF anti-theft and other products and solutions.

Intelligent parking
With the vigorous development of the intelligent city, parking becomes an urgent problem need to solve, the importance of intelligent parking more and more prominent. The most common application for parking is automatic parking barrier system. An authorized cars would be tagged with an UHF RFID label, while moving towards barrier boom, the long distance RFID reader could identify the label and open the gate. Moreover, automated technology helps car drivers quickly find a usable parking space and provide drivers with precise navigation routes.

Intelligent transportation
RFID technology in the field of intelligent transportation is an important carrier of automotive electronic logo, also known as electronic license plate, is combination of UHF RFID technology and other related technologies. Based on the RFID technology of urban electronic transport system can adapt to a variety of mining environment, in the low visibility, multi-lane vehicles under normal driving speed can still be accurately identified to enhance the real-time and accurate urban traffic management, urban traffic more scientific , Intelligent.

Anti-theft management
RFID car anti-theft using RFID linkage camera tracking video, associated with binding the audit through the electric bicycle vehicle information and RFID tag, in each road and bayonet install fixed RFID reader, when the vehicle through the reader. The vehicle information will be automatically read and reported to the background, according to the platform to achieve real-time traffic, track playback, real-time video, associated video, alarm and other functions.

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