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RFID Technology

RFID Technology in Manufacturing Enterprises

RFID Technology in Manufacturing Enterprises

  • 2018/01/26

China's RFID industry are just beginning, mainly for product security and identification, such as the second generation of ID cards; Hong Kong International Airport also uses new RFID reader system to carry passengers luggage track. However, this type of application is only limited to a small area and does not affect the entire manufacturing enterprise. However, the use of UHF RFID tags in large-scale logistics and factory is still a blanket.

Compared with other automatic identification technology, RFID identification system has the characteristics of no contact, high degree of automation, durable and reliable, fast identification, adaptability to various work environments, high-speed etc. And has more extensive than other identification technologies Such as supply chain management, access control security systems, logistics systems, cargo tracking systems, electronic payments, production line automation, item monitoring, car monitoring and more.

Warehouse using RFID process analysis
1) Storage: RFID tags on the packaging of goods into the warehouse, UHF RFID reader located at the entrance of the identification system will store the goods information recorded in the database.
2) All the goods on the warehouse pile rack have the RFID tag, so that the target can be found accurately and quickly when being shipped.
3) Through the forklift RFID or portable RFID reader, shelves, inventory and receiving and dispatching and other management.
4) Out of the storage: RFID gate reader access system will automatically read the target information, and generate a list.

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