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RFID Technology Boosts Supermarket Transformation

RFID Technology Boosts Supermarket Transformation

  • 2018/09/04
Traditional supermarkets provide us with convenience, but it is not difficult to find out, such as the supermarket price tag replacement is not timely or error, the supermarket goods are frequently stolen, the variety of perishable goods can not be monitored and replaced in time, etc. With the maturity of the Internet of Things technology, these problems will be well resolved.

1. Intelligent price tag system
The price tag in the smart supermarket will be replaced with an LED display, and an RFID tag will be attached to each item, and an UHF RFID antenna and a microcomputer processor will be installed on the shelf. When the tally is placed on the shelf, the multiple RFID reader detects the item and contacts the price control system to return the latest price to the on-board microcomputer processor, which is then quickly displayed on the LED display.

2. Inventory control system
When a consumer attaches an RFID tag-equipped product to a shopping cart with an RFID reader device, the system uploads the information to the Internet of Things control system, and the system immediately analyzes the sales speed and sales status of the product, and contacts the season. A series of dynamic factors, such as festivals and stocks, have developed a scientific supply plan and strive to “zero inventory” of commodities.

3. Smart shopping cart
Install a microcomputer processor with an electronic antenna on the shopping cart. When the RFID-changing product leaves the shelf and is placed in the shopping cart, the product has been recorded by the shopping cart. When you finish shopping, just take out the product. The bank card is lightly brushed at the location of the supermarket, and the settlement is completed, eliminating the need for the cashier to scan each handheld terminal.

Introducing RFID technology into the bank card industry, it is necessary to take out unsettled goods in the consumer premises and the system will automatically deduct from your bank card, which greatly speeds up the shopping efficiency and greatly reduces the last robbery rate.

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