RFID System School Bus Safety Management Technology—Part 2

RFID System School Bus Safety Management Technology—Part 2

  • 2019/09/20

RFID equipment: The vehicle remote rfid reader the information of the electronic wristband worn by the student and can automatically obtain the accurate number of people getting on and off. When Parents accopany their children to go to and from school, the reader reads the remote identification RFID card held by the parent. 

Through the voice playback mode, the driver and the teacher can obtain the identity information of the parent, so as to prevent someone from impersonating the parent to pick up the child. The number of people in the car is displayed on the display with eye-catching numbers to avoid accidents that the child left in the car when the school bus stops moving.

Video surveillance equipment: Video capture and storage are accomplished by cameras installed in key positions in the car, and video data are sent to the school management center through the 3G high-speed wireless communication network.

GPS equipment: Get real-time dynamic spatial coordinate information of school bus operation, and transmit it to the system for processing.

3G high-speed wireless communication network is selected to ensure signal unimpeded and complete large-flow video data transmission.

The school management platform mainly completes the daily management of school buses and real-time uploading of school bus operation data to the monitoring platform. The management subsystem network of school bus adopts the mode of 3G mobile communication network + high-speed broadband network (twisted pair or optical fiber high-speed star ethernet). The wireless communication network and the mobile bus platform are used to realize data transmission, and the high-speed broadband network is used to connect with the supervision system of the relevant government departments. The school management subsystem uses several computers to form a local area network, which can receive video surveillance information, GPS tracking and positioning, and real-time personnel and vehicle information. The main functions of the school management platform are as follows:

Vehicle GPS Location and Tracking

Receive the geographic coordinate information from the vehicle GPS to locate and track the school bus. Conditional schools can be equipped with GIS geographic information system to automatically display location information on electronic maps. Administrators can get the exact location, speed and driving path of the school bus. Ensure that the school bus is running in the normal period and the designated route, and prevent speeding, unauthorized change of the route, etc. 、

Transmitting and receiving text information

It can send warning information to remind drivers of abnormal running of school buses, and also send and receive temporary short messages, notifications and other text information, such as weather, road conditions, abnormal conditions, etc.

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