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  • UHF RFID Technology Equips Pigs with "Identity Cards"
    • Mar , 04 2022
    UHF RFID Technology Equips Pigs with

    In 2019, the market share of the top 20 pig breeding industry in China reached 11.4%. At the same time, feed production enterprises began to lay out pig breeding, and pig breeding group enterprises began to lay out the entire industrial chain, which further enhanced industrial unity and corporate repurchase capabilities. Pig feeding is more standardized and the industry chain is more data-based, a...

  • RFID technology escorts the "2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Washing Guarantee Service"!
    • Feb , 11 2022
    RFID technology escorts the

    The washing guarantee service for the 2022 Winter Olympics is a large-scale intelligent service system that is centered on the washing of public textiles such as hotels and hospitals, and integrates linen leasing, washing services, and logistics and distribution. In order to successfully complete the washing guarantee work of the Winter Olympics, RFID technology is used in the whole process of lin...

  • Small RFID Electronic Tags Become the Key to Success in the Lean Management of Furniture
    • Jan , 20 2022
    Small RFID Electronic Tags Become the Key to Success in the Lean Management of Furniture

    With the development of Internet information technology, large-scale customized furniture enterprises have basically achieved personalized design, rapid logistics and intelligent production, but this is not enough. "Internet +" plays a "pervasive" role in demand acquisition, product design, production, sales, warehousing and logistics, etc. Since the classification of RFID tags is more scientific ...

  • RFID Technology Helps Companies Implement Smart Waste Management
    • Dec , 10 2021
    RFID Technology Helps Companies Implement Smart Waste Management

    Now in Nanchang, China, every bag (barrel) of hazardous waste can now be scanned and tracked to view every processing link, and an information-based supervision model for the entire process of hazardous waste circulation and real-time data sharing has been fully formed. Since the "Nanchang City Industrial Solid Waste Whole Process Supervision Platform" (hereinafter referred to as the "Solid Waste ...

  • Gas Cylinder Management RFID Solution
    • Dec , 24 2018

    With the improvement of people's living standards, the number of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders has also increased dramatically. Liquefied petroleum gas has many problems, such as wide use, large quantity, large liquidity, harsh use environment and lagging regulatory measures, which cause huge safety hazards. Under this background, it is urgent to strengthen the government safety supervision of...

  • RFID Pet Dog Epidemic Prevention Management System
    • Dec , 06 2018

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, it has become an intimate partner of many urban residents' leisure life. Keeping dogs and cats has become a modern lifestyle. In the morning of the flood, some people will walk around with their love dogs. After dinner, some people will take a dog for a walk. The RFID pet dog vaccine management system fundamentally solves the problem of...

  • RFID Intelligent Electronic License Plate System Solution
    • Nov , 16 2018

    The electronic license plate writes basic information of the vehicle, such as vehicle ID, license plate number, and vehicle weight, in advance through the card issuance management system. The RFID electronic license plate is installed on all vehicles entering and leaving the dock gate, and the vehicle has a unique ID card. The RFID reader system is installed at all gates, roads, etc. where it is n...

  • Smart Transportation Application for Identifying License Plates
    • Nov , 02 2018

    In recent years, the national policy has clearly proposed the application of high-tech such as smart parking systems and automatic identification of license plates. To put it simply, the "wisdom" of smart parking is reflected in: smart looking for parking spaces + automatic parking fees. So, how do you implement smart parking now? Let's take the most common parking lot. The most important technolo...

  • Mobile Doctor and Nurse Station Management Solution
    • Aug , 13 2018

    On the basis of the existing local area network of the hospital, the wireless network is added to increase the wireless mobile application of the information hospital, and the hardware platform for information transmission is established. The tools such as the wireless handheld terminal PDA and portable RFID reader are configured for the system application front end, and the mobile electronic medi...

  • Application of RFID in Underground Pipeline Identification Management
    • Jul , 25 2018

    The management and application of RFID technology in underground pipeline identification and inspection has been put on the agenda by more and more underground pipeline management departments in recent years. And in the gas, water, communications and other fields RFID solution have achieved good applications. The most basic RFID system consists of three parts: 1. Label: It consists of a coupling c...

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