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RFID Solution

RFID Solution for Tracking and Inventory

RFID Solution for Tracking and Inventory

  • 2017/06/08
Business process re-engineering is gaining popularity nowadays due to the budgets constraints imposed by the economic crisis. It’s easy to notice an increasing usage of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) in several domains. For example, reported the use of RFID technology in museums and galleries for tracking artworks and other expensive pieces while moved from one art gallery to another. More than 3000 universities in China have installed RFID tag readers, for student identification cards, and contactless library applications. Hospitals also started using UHF RFID tags to track and manage assets, particularly expensive or critical items of equipment.

Take the case of warehousing management system(WMS) for discussion, structure the activities into three main processes.

1. Consumable items management:

For consumable items like clothes, shoes; they need to record all the details (person equipment, date of check in and date of check-out) while they are delivering items within warehouse. The tracking would be challenged owing to big quantity and dense. Multi-channels UHF fixed RFID reader could make it work, with max 8 pieces of antennas, greatly improve accuracy of tracking and counting.

8 port Long Range UHF RFID Reader

2. Special items and package management:
Some other items would be special for RFID reader, such as bottle of water, fruit, metal household appliances etc. Since the metal material and water have mad impact of RFID signal. In this cases, we use special anti-metal or anti-collision RFID tags to reduce adverse effects.

3. Warehouse inventory:

Once in a month, the warehousing department has to conduct an inventory of all the items in the stock by staff manually. UHF RFID handheld terminal could solve the problems well, with RFID tags/labels on every items. By high reading rate(400pcs/s) and long distance reading(10m), greatly increase the efficiency and save cost of labor.

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