UHF RFID Technology

UHF RFID Technology

RFID Provide Ideal Solution for Logistics and Warehouse

RFID Provide Ideal Solution for Logistics and Warehouse

  • 2017/11/17
The T-mall “Double Eleven” event just pasted last week, the logistics industry around China are facing the greatest challenge in this year. Billions of packages have to be delivered as fast as possible to the clients. There is no doubt that the RFID technology could well assist the delivery and highly increase efficiency. RFID tag with reusable, penetrating, data memory capacity and so on, compared to the past bar code label has a huge technical advantage.

1. Fast picking function
Owing to the wide variety of goods in the warehouse, if you can not pick the goods in time, it will greatly reduce the shipping efficiency of enterprises and can not improve customer satisfaction. You only need to hold the handheld RFID reader writer to the area where the goods are located. By scanning the electronic labels on the goods, you can instantaneously read the goods information and put them into the ready-to-deliver goods item for quick picking.

2. Fast out of storage function
When the goods are ready to go out of storage, going through the warehouse door at where installed fixed RFID reader, information could be scanned into the system, and compared with database. If the information are the same on the purchase order will be released, if the number and type of goods are inconsistent, then notify the relevant guys to check.

3. Fast inventory function
Workers use RFID hand scanner, come to the inventory location, you can read the goods information at one time, make a single comparison with data in system. In case of inconsistencies , will sound the alarm.

4. Accurate cargo management

By pasting the active RFID electronic tags for each good, the goods’ information and quantity of each goods location in the warehouse can be transmitted to the electronic commerce warehouse management system in real time, so as to effectively and reasonably manage the goods in the warehouse.

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