RFID Management

RFID Management

RFID Plant Production Line Intelligent Management System

RFID Plant Production Line Intelligent Management System

  • 2018/03/26
In the collection of production line information, the manual acquisition and manual input methods have the problems of insufficient accuracy and high error rate. It is also easy to cause the production data in the system to be unable to be updated in real time and the hysteresis is serious, which is not conducive to the smooth progress of the production flow.

Through the adoption of Internet of Things (RFID), wireless sensing technology, and network technology, real-time tracking and data collection of manufacturing assembly line production processes are realized, thereby improving the visibility and controllability of the manufacturing process of the workshop and increasing the production efficiency of the company.

The entire system is divided into three layers: data acquisition/execution layer, data communication layer, management execution layer.

1. Data acquisition/execution layer
The data acquisition layer consists of two parts, an RFID tag and an RFID data acquisition device. The collection devices include an RFID handheld reader, a fixed RFID reader, and a pneumatic RF gate. This layer has on-site information display function: on-site information can be displayed through MES terminals, electronic signage and other equipment, to achieve spare parts batch number generation and management and production planning, production processes, production status information, production equipment information, quality analysis information online real-time Inquire, display, enter, realize the paperless operation of the workshop.

2. Data communication layer
The data communication layer consists of a communication network and a communication server.

3. Management monitoring layer
The management and monitoring layer mainly completes the functions from middleware to production management and scheduling and data storage, and responds to the command request of the data terminal transmitted from the bottom layer, and sends dispatching instructions.

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