RFID Management

RFID Management

RFID Personnel Management Identification System Solution

RFID Personnel Management Identification System Solution

  • 2018/03/13
System introduction:
Through the use of advanced wireless RFID technology to identify consumer groups, flow management, regional statistics, and trail data mining management, to achieve the goal of customer service precision.

Construction function:
By deploying a RFID reader system, the three parts of the front office, conference room, and office area can be covered by radio frequency signals. Each employee can use radio frequency cards to obtain the location of the card; the area where the matching card is located can be displayed in real time. You can query the location of the designated person in the area at any time; you can record the day of the matching card person.

System structure and composition:

Use RFID identification system and cooperate with cards, deploy passive RFID reader equipment to cover radio frequency signals in the target area, define tags by personnel, digitize the staff, and realize the personnel’s performance by recording the activities of digitized personnel in the RF signal area.

System advantage:
1) System recognition speed.

2) Multiple targets can be quickly identified at the same time by UHF RFID antenna.

3) Data identification is safe, and the card is not afraid of pollution. When the surface is contaminated and damaged, it does not affect the system's identification of it.

4) Easy to operate and easy to use.

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