RFID Mold Management

RFID Mold Management

RFID Mold Management Applications

RFID Mold Management Applications

  • 2018/01/03
With the development of domestic manufacturing and processing industries, the use of various molds is increasing day by day. Due to the large variety of molds, such as high quality, high volume, and so on, the existing artificial paper records and other methods have been unable to timely and effectively mold the assets management.

In the RFID mold management system, there are 5 main functions, which are stamping times statistics, out of storage management, mold status monitoring, maintenance record management, and quantitative inventory.

Stamping times statistics
Install four UHF RFID anti-metal labels on the four sides of the mold, and UHF RFID reader and the UHF RFID antenna on the punch press, the reader does not perform reading work or performs data communication with the punch press by default module.

Punching the punch press every time, send a command to the reader and trigger the reader to read the label on the mold once, the passive RFID tag reader will sent to the database records that the mold is stamped once, in order to come to monitor the use of mold purposes.

Out of storage management
In the mold warehouse entrances and exits to install fixed RFID reader and RFID antenna set up at the entrance to form RFID signal coverage. When workers use the forklift to paste the RFID tag mold transport to the warehouse, after the RFID signal coverage area can be read by the reader, the reader will read the data and transferred to the system.

Mold status monitoring
In the warehouse shelves set up long range RFID antenna on the shelves of the mold to read, read the data transmitted to the background through the network system to help managers keep abreast of the current state of the mold in the warehouse.

Quantitative inventory
Workshop staffs equipped with RFID handheld reader, when the need for inventory, the workers using the handheld device to read all the labels on the mold. The retrieved data is compared with the inventory on the handset software.

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