RFID Technology

RFID Technology

RFID Makes International Logistics Center Run Faster

RFID Makes International Logistics Center Run Faster

  • 2018/07/04
With the rapid spread of WiFi wireless networks and the wide application of industrial-grade handheld terminals, it provides a more convenient and economical information management tool for the logistics and warehousing industry.

Project requirements
It is necessary to ensure that all warehouses have no dead corner wireless full coverage, which is divided into indoor and outdoor sections; It need to satisfy the automatic switching of access points during the wireless terminal's mobile process, and the network is constantly in line, that is, seamless roaming; The AP must support multiple SSIDs such as the office network and guest network. Different SSIDs have different network permissions and are isolated from each other. RFID warehouse management demands high wireless security.

As a data transmission link, the network relies on the company's existing management system to integrate wireless radio frequency technology, bar code technology and wireless computer network technology, and integrates advanced hardware and software systems.

With the RFID technology, the network can effectively manage the positions and assets of warehouses and goods yards. The RFID reader system can be used to automatically track the entire process of goods storage, delivery, and use, greatly improving the work. Efficiency, optimize the production process, and achieve the effect of “problem can be traced back and improve user satisfaction”.

Differentiated behavior records and audits for different users (groups), including web page access behavior, web posting, email email, IM chat behavior, file transfer, game behavior, stock behavior, online video, P2P download, etc. Details of the behavior, etc.

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