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  • RFID Solution —— RFID Inventory Robot in Smart Library
    • Mar , 25 2022
    RFID Solution —— RFID Inventory Robot in Smart Library

    As more and more smart libraries around the world use RFID technology to achieve efficient management of intelligent book inventory, the sense of technology that smart libraries give everyone is directly multiplied. Intelligent inventory robots are mainly used in many item inventory scenarios. By integrating the RFID module into the intelligent inventory robot, equipped with RFID technology and ar...

  • Intelligent Inventory of RFID Book Files
    • Jun , 23 2021
    Intelligent Inventory of RFID Book Files

    RFID intelligent inventory is the use of RFID identification technology to verify the quantity and type of items in the warehouse in order to accurately grasp the inventory quantity. RFID intelligent inventory vehicles are being used in various libraries. The RFID book file intelligent inventory vehicle uses RFID readers and handheld RFID antennas to quickly scan the electronic tags, and cooperate...

  • UHF RFID for Library Materials Management
    • Jun , 26 2017

    Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of radio waves and electromagnetic fields to automatically read information stored on tags which are attached to objects for identification. A RFID system can be made up of three components: readers, tags and application software. A RFID reader is a device used to gather information from RFID tags, while RFID tags are the core of a RFID system, beca...

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