RFID Management

RFID Management

RFID Jewelry Management Solutions

RFID Jewelry Management Solutions

  • 2017/12/26
Today, with rapid development and application of RFID technology, RFID jewelry information management is an important means to improve management efficiency, to strengthen the inventory management and sales management.

This system is composed of RFID electronic tags, passive RFID tag reader, on-site inventory read-write devices, computers, control and system management software, and related network link devices and network data interfaces.

There are great feedbacks from customers who use Hopeland’s RFID reader, RFID handheld scanner for RFID jewelry management system:
1. Jewelry labels high reading accuracy, to avoid repeated reading, misreading or reading and other undesirable phenomena.
2. Improve the efficiency of the jewelry quote: With portable RFID reader, the general staff can quotes transition like the traditional person, it significant saves human labor cost in the jewelry business.
3. A variety of RFID desktop readers, not only meet the reading speed, but also according to the actual situation to choose a different interface, convenient and practical.
4. Multi-interface fixed RFID reader connected with multiple antennas, time-sharing work, time-sharing switching operations, largely reducing the hardware costs of the entire system.

The combination of RFID solutions and asset tracking applications not only solved the worries of jewelers, but also facilitated their business expansion.

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