RFID helps cosmetics anti-counterfeiting logo

RFID helps cosmetics anti-counterfeiting logo

  • 2019/11/08

According to statistics, the size of China's cosmetics market in 2015 was 315.6 billion yuan, and China became the second largest cosmetics consumer in the world after the United States. Online shopping is very important for people. Different kinds of cosmetics have different prices due to different brands and places of origin. There are many fake and shoddy cosmetics, the quality cannot be guaranteed, and the cosmetics industry is becoming more and more powerful. The traditional manual picking method. The demand for warehouse picking has not been met.

In order to solve the above problems, Shenzhen Hopeland Technology Co., Ltd. proposes the following solutions for reference.

1. Attach the fragile anti-transfer uhf tag to the item. Each uhf fragile anti-transfer label has a global unique ID number and cannot be copied and tampered with. The uhf fragile anti-transfer label has the feature of being unable to be transferred twice. It can fully realize the information management of product production statistics, circulation traceability, sales data, etc.

2, the use of uhf electronic tags on the large box of the whole box, can achieve the management of the product in and out of the warehouse, and warehouse inventory problems;

3. The dispatcher and the warehouse use the handheld Scanner to inquire and track the goods;

4. The courier and the consumer terminal query the device to read a single cosmetic.

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