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  • RFID Handheld Scanner for Mobile Asset Management
    • Dec , 29 2017

    The use of handheld RFID reader writer in fixed assets management system can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprises, increase benefits and reduce costs in practical work, which helps enterprises to truly implement the principle of strict and economical management. Its easy-to-learn user interface and powerful system features stand out from the crowd of similar software. The time-consuming a...

  • RFID Handheld Scanner in Property Management Applications
    • Nov , 15 2017

    With the development of society and the constant construction of cities, various office buildings, commercial buildings and residential buildings have mushroomed and become the rulers of social development. However, the management, maintenance, repair problems always let the user complain a lot, or even frequently negative feedback. So how to deal with the huge group of buildings security, managem...

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