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  • Manhole Cover Smart Management Base on RFID
    • Nov , 30 2017

    Manhole cover intelligent management system, integrated with radio frequency identification technology, sensing technology, geographic information technology, computer network technology and other related technologies. System functions: 1. Information Management: RFID card installed on the manhole cover can record the position of each manhole cover, property unit, contact person, telephone and oth...

  • RFID Handheld Reader Application for Warehouse Management
    • Nov , 29 2017

    Warehousing and logistics management has been widely used in various industries. With RFID management system, can improve the transparency and inventory turnover rate of supply chain management can be improved. The loss of out-of-stock can be effectively reduced, and the warehousing and logistics efficiency in the enterprise can be raised. Warehousing logistics information management system consis...

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