RFID electronic label/tag packaging technology

RFID electronic label/tag packaging technology

  • 2019/11/23
RFID Electronic Tags are packaged in many forms, are not limited by standard shapes and sizes, and their composition is also very different, and even requires special design according to various requirements. The Transponder has been used in sizes ranging from ¢6mm to 76x45mm, small or even micron-sized chips, including antennas with a size of 0.4×0.4mm; storage capacity from 64-200bit read-only ID numbers. The small-capacity type is a large-capacity type (for example, EEPROM 32Kbit) that can store tens of thousands of bits of data; the package material is from self-adhesive to open-molded plastic.

The material, composition, and the like of the various package forms of the electronic tag are different.

Card type (PVC, paper, other) laminated, both melted and sealed.

The melt pressure is made by heating the INLAY sheet of the center layer and the upper and lower pieces of PVC material. The PVC material is fused with INLAY and then die-cut into the size specified in ISO7816.

When the chip adopts a Transponder, the chip is raised above the antenna plane (the antenna thickness is 0.01 to 0.03 mm), and another lamination method, that is, sealing, can be used. At this time, the substrate is usually PET or paper, and the thickness of the chip is usually 0.20 to 0.38 mm. When the card is packaged, only the PVC is sealed at the periphery of the antenna, and the chip is not fused, and the chip is not pressed, so that the chip can be prevented from being crushed.

Gluing type, using paper or other materials to make the Transponder upper and lower materials glue together by cold glue, and then die-cut into cards of various sizes.

(1) Label-type paste type, the finished product can be made into the label form of manual or labeling machine, which is the most mainstream product in the application, that is, the electronic label attached to the back of the trademark is directly attached to the object to be marked. Such as aeronautical baggage tags, pallets, etc. Hanging type, which corresponds to clothing and articles using hanging products, is characterized by compact size and can be recycled. (2) Shaped metal surface type, most electronic labels will be affected by metal and will not work properly. These tags are specially treated and can be placed on metal and can be read and written. It is used for the surface of various metal parts such as pressure vessels, boilers and fire-fighting equipment. The wristband type can be used once (eg medical) or reused (eg playground). The animal and plant use type can be an injection type glass tube, a hanging ear tag, a buckle type foot ring, and the like.

With its breakthrough technical features and wide applicability, electronic label technology has been increasingly recognized by the market. With the further improvement of the chip manufacturing process, packaging process, and the maturity of packaging equipment and materials, electronic tags will be more suitable for our needs. At the same time, we have left us with a series of new topics that we need to improve and improve.

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