RFID Management

RFID Management

RFID Clothing Rental Management System

RFID Clothing Rental Management System

  • 2018/03/28
Demand Resolution
The collection and monitoring of clothing from the purchase, registration, lease, recovery, cleaning, and return of the entire transfer process.

Statistics on rental fees and sewing and cleaning times that occurred during the process.

RFIDs sewn into clothing are automatically collected in batches after being collected by an induction antenna and a hand-held RFID scanner, entered into a server with WIFI and 4G network, and provide daily check-up data required by WEB inquiries. The background management function provides detailed statistical reports and fee settlement functions. Can support the development of mobile APP applications, customizable iOS and Android platform customization applications.

The system uses advanced RFID tags and has a unique global code. UHF RFID reader support remote identification, batch reading, and strong environmental adaptability. The system realizes the automated management of the production line, realizes the digital management of storage and rapid response logistics, and achieves effective safety management of clothing ordering.

Application of RFID in Clothing Retail Stores
1. RFID Intelligent POS System
2. RFID Goods Quick Finding System - inventorying and searching through RFID handheld readers
3. Smart promotional terminal / smart fitting room
4. Store anti-theft system

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